Great design for now and the future

Here at hirst & hirst we love design that looks great as well as being useful.  The icing on the cake is when the product is designed for the future needs of society as well.  So we love the reused tyre picture frames, trugs and buckets here at hirst & hirst.

Our lampshades were designed to be used with low energy bulbs, come flat packed to save packaging and delivery costs (as well as to give you a mental workout – who needs Nintendo?).  They are also fully recyclable, so no need to fill up those already crowded landfill sites.

Betty & Betts notebooks are produced in Indian factories which the eponymous ladies have visited and the workers are paid fairly so that they have a decent standard of living.  Not only that, the notebooks are made from recycled paper and organic cotton.

We’re always on the lookout for great new products which look good and are designed with the future needs of the planet in mind.  Get in touch if you have something we might be interested in.

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